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In the early morning hours of August 6, 2011, thirty brave Americans died in Wardak Province, Afghanistan when the Chinook that sped them to aid their fellow servicemen was struck by an RPG.  One of these men was SOC Jason Ray Workman; graduate of BUDS Class 250. In 8 short years Jason worked his way into the ranks of the most elite warriors on Earth. Jason died a week before his 33rd birthday. He left a beautiful wife, a young son, and the legacy of a much older man.
Twenty-one other members of Jason’s troop shared the dark night with him as they hastened to the awaiting battle.  Numerous battles had bound them as brothers. They had sweat and bled, laughed and cried, rejoiced and mourned together. The best men our country had to offer.  Men who could have excelled anywhere but chose to be SEALs because they loved the work and they knew they served a greater good preserving our American way of life for the ones they loved.  They knew the dangers and possible consequences of their operation for all of them had buried friends and teammates.   Even if their pre-mission brief had hinted of their fate that night, with nonchalant shrugs, winks, and smiles, they would have boarded the aircraft and stood by their brothers, relying on the confidence and skill gained in multiple combat tours, realizing they fought for us, and knowing they were with each other.
Jason and his teammates never asked for any special reward for the danger to which they willingly submitted. The satisfaction of the job was enough.  Instead, they lived life to the fullest.  Whether at home with their families, at play, in training, in the barroom, or on the battlefield, they were larger than life.  They lived without regrets and as if everyday might be their last.  They lived the way all men should live.  Men who are unabashed of their tender sides, and yet can embrace their violent side to summon the warrior spirit that protects homeland and family; the warrior spirit that gave their country its birth and has preserved it.  They fought for the United States of America, their families, and for the men beside them.  Heroes to the last man.    If Jason would ask us for anything in return, it would be only that we remember him and his brothers in arms, we take care of the families they left behind, and we continue the fight.
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